WHEEL WEDNESDAY | Rays Engineering Volk TE37


We’re back again with another Wheel Wednesday!  This time let’s check out one of the most iconic Japanese wheels, the Rays/Volk TE37


First launched in 1996, the Rays Engineering / Volk Racing collaboration was aimed at circuit and race cars, but quickly made it onto the street.  Known for its forged strength, light weight (15″ weighing just 3.7kg, *hint*) and anodised finish, it quickly became the popular wheel choice in Japan.


As the years ticked by, styles and trends changed, but the TE37 remained the same, and just as popular.  Rays soon began offering colour options, where you could have the wheels painted in any colour you wish for a small fee.  This opened the door to more interesting colours and styles, but many of us ‘originals’ still prefer the Rays Bronze.


Just a few examples of some colour finishes on the TE37.  Perhaps one of the most famous being the Takata Green, but anything is possible!


Visiting any track event in Japan, you’re certain to see a set of Rays TE37 wheels wrapped in sticky rubber.  This is the original style and one that I love personally.  However, the TE37 has made it’s way onto many other cars, including street, track and show.


It has even been used outside of the Japanese tuning scene, and is now gracing the chassis of European cars, such as the BMW M3.


…and it doesn’t stop there.  Here is the Rays TE37 looking right at home under the huge arches of an American Muscle Corvette.


I could post photos all day, but I’m sure you’ve all encountered the TE37 at some stage. I like them so much I even bought some for my AE86.  Ueo-Spec Limited Edition concave version, 14″ with Offset 0, especially made for the AE86. Super rare, and Super AWESOME!


Hopefully you enjoyed a look at the Rays / Volk TE37.  There’s just so many great Wheels to choose from for Wheels Wednesday, but if you have any requests let us know by leaving a comment below.
Words:  Chris Gray